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31-Oct-2019 22:58

PROS: The girls on this site are really easy, and they are there for one reason only.

CONS: Slightly more men than women (but given that most of the guys are absolute chumps, you will find it really easy to talk to girls if you follow our advice on How to get a girl to flash you ; your profile will take up to 24 hours to get approved, but having a profile pic will greatly increase your chances.

PROS: Lots of girls CONS: Requires registration ; almost all of the girls are looking for serious dating, and they frown upon cam sex, so it can be really hard to get them to cam.

Chat for Free DESCRIPTION: Very busy traditional webcam chatrooms PROS: Lots of girls CONS: You are competing in public chat with a lot of other guys ; can be hard to get the girls to private chat Chatroulette DESCRIPTION: The original!

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